Reality Tv star, Gifty Powers for some time now has been unwilling to unveil the identity of her husband.A certain troll recently queried Gifty for always hiding his identity.

In her reaction, Gifty said : “I am hiding him because of wizards like you all.I am proud of him.That should not make me act stupid so that you guys can be satisfied.I protect the people I love.Who cares?Well it seems you do”, she replied the troll.

Her reaction has elicited various comments from fans.

@Honeyojukwu: It’s privacy guys! You may not like her but some humane protect what they reverence! What do I know?

@Geolexy: You and your husband are mad respectfully

@Mrlilgaga: You’re hiding him but he might not be hiding himself. I’ve said this little piece, reminisce on it

@Mrpresidennt: Hide him oooo please. People no dey like where things dey rosy because misery loves company

@G_unique7: Maybe Na another person husband you marry, awon ti the unknown

Kemi Filani News recalls that in an interview, Gifty had said she is not bothered by naysayers.

“No matter what one does, one would always get criticised; even while defending oneself. But the truth is that everyone is entitled to their opinions, whether pretty or ugly. I do not and will never hold such hypocrisy against them.

“I only focus on important matters. The fact that I have an amazing mother who supports all my moves, a daughter who gives me peace and joy, my two younger siblings that crack me up with jokes whenever I’m down, is enough for me. Naysayers are the least things on my agenda”, she stated.