Please I’m sorry writing this here please. Nigerians, mothers, father’s please, I need your help please. My baby is very sick he has an inflammation in his nose which has made breathing very difficult for him, causing him severe fever, vomiting and restlessness. I took him to the hospital and we stayed for some days still no improvement I have all the prove, payment receipt, videos, etc. We where asked to go to an ENT specialist which we did and my baby will be needing surgery to remove the inflammation before it get worst which I don’t want please, I’ve exhausted all my savings and other options, that’s why I’m writing here, please have mercy on me, I’m not in anyway not been truthful, the surgery and follow up treatment will cost 265,000 naira . Please I know no one owe me anything but please if anyone can help me I will forever be grateful. Please my email address is
[email protected]

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