Nigerian tourism blogger, Chiamaka Obuekwe, has disclosed that sometimes she regrets getting married to her ex-husband, Aniefiok Ntia.

 Chiamaka Obuekwe writes

In January 2018, the couple tied the knot after four years of dating but sadly, their marriage ended after three months.

At the time, the entrepreneur took to social media to accuse Aniefiok of cheating on her with many girls. According to her, ‘Aniefiok is now free to date all the pretty and slim girls.’

 Chiamaka Obuekwe writes

However, two months after her outburst on social media, she issued a public apology to him and blamed it on emotional stress.

Taking to her Instagram story today, December 28, that would have been their 4th traditional wedding anniversary, Chiamaka reflected on their short-lived marriage and revealed that she is not sure she wants to get married again.

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“So, I am happy we are both doing well. To be honest, we don’t talk but I feel it in my heart that he is doing well and I am glad.”

“Now having said that, I sometimes regret the fact that we got married (my life was going so well and I was happy) But I ‘m learning not to, it’s all part of my life experience and It was meant to happen.

 Chiamaka Obuekwe writes

“And no, we are not getting back together. I do hope one day we can at least say hi to each other but I m not counting on it.

“Anyway, I am still a lover girl and I believe in love and I am happy for everyone who is genuinely in love and not faking it or managing.

“But you see marriage, I cant lie I am so scared. I just want an Oprah-Stedman relationship. And I am not sure about kids. (Never said this openly before) A am happy with my life and just want a partner to go on adventures together not siddon house cook soup from morning to night (kidding) but yeah I love being free.”

“At the end of the day, we want what we want and I am not scared of being judged. I am lucky to have experienced marriage to know it’s not really what I want. Some people say it’s because mine wasn’t good. Well you can say that but then again, is everyone really meant to get married?”

“Some of us just want love and partnership without certificates and all that plus I don’t think I can go through a wedding again.”

“I just hope that people are able to share more freely their truth and say what they really want. But yeah I know that’s not going to happen anytime soon. I hope you do what makes you happy.”

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