Nigerian rapper and entrepreneur, Eva Alordiah has revealed one of her topmost prayer points for 2022. The talented entertainer took to her instagram page to state that she needs a holy d*ck in 2022.

According to her: “God of Elijah, provide it for me in 2022, I pray Amen.Holy d*ck”.

Her statement has triggered various reactions from her fans

@Chimarkofficial wrote: I don tire for social media walahi

@Being_mercy25: This kind prayer,I no come understand

@Moffih_jay: It’s annoying that y’all take God as a joke

@City_of_Urhobo: That person can only be carrot or vibrator

@Bby33y: I dey pray for long life and more money, person dey pray for gbola ??

Kemi Filani News recalls that Eva recently revealed that she enjoys using vibrator.

According to her,  since she experimented with dildos, she has come to love it so much that her sex life has been altered for the better although it was a bit ‘challenging’ to her at first.

“’I still remember when I got my first Vibrator like it was yesterday. It was my first time in London and I was walking happily down the busy streets enjoying the view. People all over the place, shoppers, tourists, business people on the go .It was all brand new for me and I was soaking it in, enjoying every damn moment as a JJC in London.  Then I stopped at a roadside waffle truck and that’s when I saw it from across the street. Big bright dancing lights all across the door of the store. Big flashy neons and reds with photos of nude women and a big bold sign that said “SEX TOY SHOP”.I was like “Whaaaaaa??!!!
I knew I had to check it out!I left the guy selling the waffles, told him I’d be back and began to walk briskly into the sex shop .My legs felt heavy the entire walk across the streets. I wanted to turn back around and mind my business. But I also knew I had to see the inside of a real fucking sex shop!”, she wrote in parts.