Talented singer, Peter Okoye popularly known as Mr P, has said that online swindlers use his name to scam people on social media.

The member of the music group P-Square said this on Instagram on Thursday while commenting on an earlier tweet he shared on Wednesday.

Responding to a fan who said he wanted N500,000 before the end of the year, Mr. P of PSquare said, “Now! Tweets like this are what these fraudsters are after off.

“They see how desperate you come online and beg for money or giveaway and they will take advantage of you by claiming it’s me and you will fall for it! Stop the f*cking online begging! Irritating.”

Mr P who runs a lottery programme noted that online fraudsters disguise behind the platform to scam people using his name.

He said, “90% of people getting scammed are from all these online giveaway beggars! The fraudsters are now using giveaways to scam people with my name simply because they know how desperate people are!

 “So they target them when asking for money or Giveaway! Please, let me say it again and again! My Zoom lottery platform is not a giveaway platform! It’s a Registered and licensed Platform approved by NLRC (National Lottery Regulatory Commission.”

The ‘ Collabo’ crooner pointed out that the platform “is not doing any giveaway of pay 20k and receive 200k! You have been warned! Period!”