Nigerian filmmaker, Imoh Umoren, has taken to social media to share his observation from his numerous trips abroad.

Filmmaker Imoh Umoren

According to him, he has seen more homeless people in New York than in Lagos. He asserted that this is because there is poverty everywhere.

Responding, actress Beverly Naya, stated that living in a shack abroad is considered as being homeless however, she negated his stance that there are more homeless folks abroad.

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A while ago, Imoh Umoren recently took to Twitter to pen down some important advice for people who can’t stay loyal to their partners.

Taking to the micro-blogging platform, Umoren advised that people who cheat on their partners should at least use protection.

According to him, cheating partners should protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases for the sake of their partners, as it will be unfair to break someone’s heart and also give them a disease.

In his words,

“If you are cheating on your partner the least you can do is use protection. It’s unfair to break someone’s heart and give them a disease too”.