Man who murdered lover after break-up leads detectives to graves of his other victims

A serial killer who was arrested by Kenyan detectives one month ago for the brutal murder of a Nakuru-based businesswoman Veronica Kanini, has led the police to two other graves where he buried his victims.


34-year-old Moses Kipchirchir Ruto led detectives to two shallow graves where he had buried a woman believed to have been his wife and her son.


Kenyan  Directorate of Criminal Investigations said Ruto confessed to killing Purity Chebet, 24, and her baby boy Ezra who was one and a half years old after hours of grilling on December 26.


The statement read; 


“Moses Ruto made the revelation after being grilled by detectives, who were not convinced that Kanini was the suspect’s only victim.

“He killed them in early September before burying their remains along the banks of River Molo in Mogotio, a few metres from where he would later bury Kanini.”


The accused serial killer who was married to Chebet told detectives that he committed the act after a family feud and on Monday December 27. He then led the detectives to the spot where he had buried the two.


After digging through the spot, the decomposed remains of mother and son were exhumed, a few metres from where Kanini’s body was discovered on November 24.


The accused is believed to have had a clandestine love affair with Kanini, before they fell out after she told him that she had found another man.


The statement added; 


“Ruto who didn’t take the breakup kindly, resorted to killing Kanini in cold blood. Detectives believe that the suspect has committed more murders and are burning the midnight candle to find the rest of the graves.”


Ruto will take plea for the murder of Veronica Kanini on January 21, 2022.