A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to lament after her rich dad forgot to send her money.

According to the young lady with Twitter handle @hoeszzn, she has only 200 Naira in her three bank accounts despite the fact that her dad is rich.

Nigerian lady laments

The Enugu-based lady stated that he forgets to send her money, while executing philanthropic projects in the village.

She wrote,

“It’s very possible to be a rich man’s daughter and have 200 naira in your 3 accounts. I know because I am there right now.

He will forget to send you money and be doing philanthropist work in the village and all you can do is smile and greet the old women that are eating his money because you’re his ada and it is what is expected of you. I am lamenting.”

Nigerian lady laments

Her tweet has started a conversation on the micro-blogging platform as other Nigerians with rich parents also share their similar experiences.

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