A South African lady, identified simply as Mandosii, has taken to Twitter to lament after breaking her long artificial nails.

Lady in tears

Taking to the micro-blogging platform, she shared a photo of her bloodied fingernails which were affected by the broken nail extensions.

According to her, she was in severe pains and she has never felt that level of pain in her entire life.

She however disclosed that she bought Acetone to dissolve the remaining nail extensions. Mandosii also vowed never to fix nails again.

Some concerned netizens have sympathized with her, while others criticized her for fixing nail extensions in the first place.

@diva_ella wrote, “Jeez. That thing hurts like h3ll😢😢 So sorry dear”

little_currenccy wrote, “It’s good for you
Hope you cried 😂😂”

@official_jovi wrote, “That shit hurts more than heartbreak 😢”

@veevyane wrote, “The pain women go through for shakara.. Omo e no easy😪”

Watch the video she shared below,