Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde has blasted a follower who criticized her for saying she loves watching Korean Drama.

She had taken to Twitter to make this confession when the follower attacked her for saying she loves K-drama despite being a Nollywood actor.

According to the follower, there’s no point for Nigerians to watch Nollywood movies when Nollywood actors themselves prefer Korean movies.

“Why should ordinary Nigerians bother to even watch Nigerian movies when the actors themselves prefer K-drama? Isn’t that funny!” the follower commented.

Responding, Jemima slammed the follower over his line of thinking and asked him to block her on Twitter.

She wrote,

“You have issues Mr Abodunrin. Something is definitely wrong with you cause I don’t understand why someone will be pressed about me liking Korean series. Block me please, So I won’t tell you about yourself.

Cause what exactly is your problem? And you actually are not bright with his line of thinking.

Mr Abodurin you just have to block me with your own hands or I will keep coming back to tell you you have issues outside of the fact that your thinking is very weird & flawed!”

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