Nollywood actress Funmi Awelewa has recalled some of the challenges in caring for her ailing mother, which affected her career.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Funmi Awelewa revealed that the last few months were tough for her, she lost her mind and couldn’t find a better word to describe how she felt.

Funmi Awelewa said her mother’s health affected her career, and she stopped going to movie locations because she needed to concentrate on taking care of her.

According to Funmi Awelewa, she turned down many private parties, and some of her colleagues thought she was proud and didn’t want to mingle, not knowing she was battling with her mother’s health.

In her words: The last few months was tough for me but I’m grateful God gave my Mother another chance. At a point I lost my mind and I couldn’t find a better word to describe how I felt..

Seeing one’s mother going through so much pain can be frustrating. As if it wasn’t enough for a mother that lost her sight long time ago. Seeing her in so much pain made me sad and affected everything that surrounds me. It affected my career, I stopped going to location since last year July because I concentrated in taking care of her.

It also affected my business cuz i keep going from one hospital to another Trust me, I turned down many Party invites, some of my colleagues think that I am proud or I don’t want to mingle not knowing that I have what I am battling with which is my MOTHER’S HEALTH.

What is my Joy when my mother is in so much pain🥲 I so much love my family and I don’t joke with them but trust me the last few months has changed a lot about Me. Is it the money I spend daily? Or the “every 2hours drugs” Hmmm It is well.
I can’t complain, we can’t complain
I’m grateful to God she made it alive
My family is grateful God

Thanks to everyone that reach out! 2022, I’m ready for the good things you have for me and my family

Toyin Abraham got Funmi Awelewa emotional during her birthday, 12th October 2021.

Funmi Awelewa took to her Instagram page to solicit prayers from her fans and colleague and share stunning photos of herself to mark the new age.

She captioned the photos: +1 Please say a word of prayer for Me.

Taking to her Instagram page, Toyin Abraham shared a photo of Funmi, expressing love for her and prayed that God would bless her new age.

Toyin Abraham wrote: Happy birthday, my dear @funmiawelewa. May God bless your new age and your sweet soul. Much love from me, dear.

Reacting to the post, Funmi Awelewa, who seemed emotional about the birthday prayers, expressed appreciation to Toyin Abraham, stating she is not just a senior colleague but a mother and mentor.

Funmi Awelewa said she’s grateful for the love and care that she has received from Toyin Abraham.

funmiawelewa wrote: Aunty Toyin Mommy Irè. Thanks a lot for all you do Ma’am you’re not just a senior colleague to me but a mother, a teacher and a mentor. I appreciate the love and care of all time. Eshey gan, modupe pupo ma. Oju oni tiyin lailai