Nigerians have expressed concern for Sandra Iheuwa the baby mama of music executive Ubi Franklin following the alleged crash of her marriage, with Royal Hair boss, Thompson Steven.

Amidst the rumours of the crashed marriage, Sandra Iheuwa has allegedly packed out of her matrimonial home.

According to the report, serious infidelity issues on Sandra Iheuwa’s husband are the main reason behind the current crisis.

Sandra Iheuwa has also removed her husband’s name from her Instagram bio, following rumours that their marriage has hit the rocks.

Reacting to this many Nigerians expressed concern for her stating she needs all the care and love during this period considering she is pregnant.

emeraldsclothsandmore wrote: Please ooooo Sandra is pregnant and needs all the love we can show her…. This marriage Will work in Jesus name AMEN

asa_mayor wrote: Chai i feel for sandra, that woman has been through a lot

omoh_ch wrote: @vicky__duke21 I said it here the other time that she doesn’t need any more kids, I was attacked. she has 3 already if I am not mistaken. Having a child for the current husband doesn’t mean he will stick with you, not having too doesn’t mean he will stick with you. But she needs to focus on the ones she had in her past relationships and accept/ treat her current husband’s children like hers.

jisolaaa wrote: This one pain me ooo. I was rooting for the marriage

Steve Thompson, the husband of Sandra Iheuwa, a few days after their wedding revealed that their marriage will last long.

Steve Thompson took to his Instagram page to share moments from their traditional marriage, which took place in Imo State.

He disclosed he had prayed for such an event to happen in his life for a long time because he wanted real love badly.

According to Steve Thompson, he and Sandra Iheuwa were both tired of their past lifestyle; hence, they will be together irrespective of any situation or challenges.

He wrote: I prayed for a day like this , I wanted real love badly. I won’t write any epistle today.

She is now officially Mrs Steve Thompson and we will be together come rain come sunshine because I was tired !! And she was tired also …. So we move . What do you wanna say to us?