Controversial actor and social media influencer, Uche Maduagwu has replied MC Fish, husband of actress Anita, who condemned him on instagram last night.

The drama began when Uche berated the couple for making a video of MC Fish squeezing and kissing Anita’s breast which was shared online. Uche found it wrong and took to his Instagram page to call them out. He asked the couple to stop behaving like ”small pikins” and show some level of maturity.

As expected, Mc Fish fired back asking Uche to face his red bra and career and leave his marriage alone. According to him, a man that rocks female underwear shouldn’t be asking to be morally upright.

Uche in his usual fashion has reacted to Mc Fish’s statement saying  being poor and wrretched’ is more honorable than moral bankruptcy inside marriage.

According to him: “If you keep your business inside your house with your Iyawo like every other husband Wey respect our Nigerian culture rather than polluting the minds of our pikins for social media with your disturbance of Olympus that is sleeping already, we go mind our business, marriage is for MATURE people, or did anyone ever see our fathers squeezing our mama indecently in public like FUFU?”