Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu and other passengers narrowly escaped being killed after their aircraft that was heading to Asaba, Delta state reportedly crash landed on Wednesday, January 12.

According to the actress, the aircraft was on its way to Asaba, the Delta State capital from Lagos when it developed fault and crash landed in a remote area.

She revealed that prior to takeoff, a male air host asked her to take a safety measure in case of a mishap and when she rebuked hm for it, saying there won’t be any problem in Jesus’ name, the air host told her to stop fooling herself as “there is no Jesus“.

She wrote,

“What God cannot do does not Exist!!!! My convenant with God is strong and He never lies!! Thank you Jesus!!,” she wrote.

“Arik @flyarikair God punish you and your ill mannered crew with demonic tongues. The male air host told me at the begining of the flight that i should put my box under the chair, that it will save me incase of a crash, i said stop talking negatively, we will not crash in Jesus name!!! only Jesus can save me!!!

“He said there is nothing like Jesus keep fooling yourself and i said to him, Only a FOOL says theres no God. They freaking knew the aircraft was faulty!! Damn!!!!! Bring out my luggage let me go catch another flight. Lousy Bunch.” she added.