Popular actress, Jemima Osunde has stated that filmmakers now pick skit makers above actual actors in Nollywood.

Jemima Osunde made this known in a chat with ‘Rubbin Minds’.

“I have seen a situation where a skit maker is picked over an actual actor that can pull of the role.I don’t believe that any actor should have only one source of income. Acting cannot be your primary source of income”.

Recounting how she began acting, the Doctor of Physiotherapy said: ”I thought acting was going to be something I would do while in the university, make an extra change to what dad was giving me .I started hanging out with people who are into ushering business. An uncle who was in to entertainment told me to try something in acting or presenting”.

On the challenges she encountered while combining acting and schooling, she said: “There were days I was losing my mind. There were days where I would have lectures from 8 till like 12.I would also have a call time of 1pm .School is all the way in Surulere Mushin, movie set would be in Lekki Phase 1.May be that’s why I didn’t have a social life when I was in the University. You know when you pass through school and it didn’t really pass through you, that’s me.

Asked if she has ever been referred to as an ‘Instagram’ actress, the opinionated role interpreter said: “I haven’t heard anyone say that about me and even if they do, I cannot be bothered. If someone is employing me because I have a following on Instagram that is because they also want to sell their film”.