A Nigerian journalist, Austin Bebara Abaye JP, has opined that men who cheat on their wives love them very much, unlike women who cheat on their husbands.

Comparing a cheating man to a cheating woman, Austin noted that a man who is unfaithful to his wife by going out with another woman is still in love with his wife, while an unfaithful wife will never love her husband.

Taking to Facebook to share his opinion, he wrote,

“A cheating man is still very much in love with his wife but a cheating woman will never love her husband”.

This statement attracted divergent views. Some social media users agreed with him, while others had contrary opinions. See some comments below,

@Ritex Philip, “Weldone cheaters of d most high. No one person is a custodian of bad behavior”.

@Bodmas Kemepadei, “there is no manual for cheating my dear. This cheating nonsense is a choice. It’s not a mistake. If a woman can be faithful a man can as well..no be only una get hormones. If I’m not mistaken, a woman has a very high libido yet decides to be faithful.. how can u say u love ur wife and cheat on her. Make una carry dat kind of love comot for my face abeg”.

@Chinonye A. Maureen, “Why cheat if you still love your wife?”