Demi Bagby’s biography: age, nationality, net worth, accident

Like the music and movie industry, the sport industry is another way to hit fame and there are a lot of people already tapping into it.

In the US, there are a lot of young people who been able to build a career for themselves in the sport industry and one of them is Demi Bagby.

For those who don’t know Demi Bagby, she is a popular CrossFit athlete, bodybuilder, fitness coach, model, YouTuber and social media star.

Demi Bagby rose to prominence due to her tremendous journey and body transformation after she was involved in a fatal accident while cheerleading; the accident was so severe that it almost rendered her paralyzed.

However, today Dami Bagby is considered a sport enthusiast in the US and has been able to build a brand around her personal.

Because Dami Bagby is a person of popular interest, a lot of fans and followers are keen on knowing more about her.

This article.od focused on everything you should know about Demi Bagby, continue reading to see more.

Profile Summary

Full name Demi Brooke Bagby
Gender Female
Date of birth 10th of January 2001
Age 21 years old
Place of birth San Diego, California, USA
Current residence San Diego, California, USA
Nationality American
Mother Riza Bagby
Father Forlan Bagby
Siblings 3
School Torrey Pines High School
Profession CrossFit athlete, bodybuilder, fitness coach, model, and influencer

Demi Bagby’s biography

Her full name is Demi Brooke Bagby and she was born on the 10th of January 2001 in San Diego, California, USA to Riza and Forlan Bagby.

Demi Bagby has three siblings ; two brothers named Devon and Damian, and a sister identified as Desire Bagby. She is an American by birth and celebrated her 21st birthday in January.


Demi Bagby attended Torrey Pines High School, but there are no details on whether she has proceeded further.


Demi Bagby has always been a sport person right from when she was very young. The record revealed she was good at soccer and track field events and was a part of the cheerleading team in her high school where she displayed stunts, flips, and acrobatics.

However, Demi Bagby was involved in a fatal accident in 2014 during her cheerleading rehearsal as she missed the timing on the movement of her legs and ended up landing with her head.

The accident was so intense that Demi Bagby was in the hospital for three months as she incurred head, back, and upper spinal cord injuries. According to the reports, physicians had believed she would end up in a wheel chair but Demi is already back on her feet and doing well.


Demi Bagby made it to the limelight shortly after her accident as she shared videos of her path to rehabilitation via her social media accounts.

As she gained hold of her body, Demi Bagby took in interest in fitness and bodybuilding and was captured by the CrossFit athletes. This led her to pursue a career in fitness and body building which made her even more popular.

Demi Bagby took things a step further in 2015 as she started trying out light exercises, like jogging, which she shared on social media and earned her positive feedback from fans and followers.

From light exercise, she moved to complex exercises which helped her return to her feet sooner than expected. Today Demi Bagby is the Repwax Company which focuses on body fitness.

Personal life

Demi Bagby is reportedly in a relationship with Scott Mathison who has more than 400 thousand followers on Instagram.

Net Worth

Demi Bagby is reportedly worth $2 million.