Nigerian filmmaker, Editi Effiong, has started a conversation about religion on Twitter after disclosing he lost his faith in God in 2020.

According to him, he survived 2021 without God and will probably never go back to religion again. He however stated that he strongly believes that God exists.

He tweeted,

“I lost my faith in 2020. Went through 2021 without God. I’m probably never going back to religion, but I could never shake the feeling that God is there. We are not cool, but I’m willing to try.”

Other netizens have also shared their personal stories of when they lost faith in religion.

A Twitter user, identified simply as Tosan, wrote,

“I lost my faith when I was 12 years old. it’s been more than 11 years now and I still haven’t gone back or even thought about any deity. I really like Jesus tho, his story inspires me and I love everything he stood for, It’s his father I don’t like.”

Another user @mykael_yuddy wrote,

“From 2012 to 2015,I was a pastor. My enquiry got me in trouble with the church leadership. In 2015, I resigned & left church. I was agnostic till 2017. Seeing that I just couldn’t continue giving excuses for the inconsistencies & contradictions in the Bible, I gave it all up.”

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