Film producer, Editi Effiong has started a conversation about religion after revealing that he has lost his faith in God.


Editi tweeted: “I lost my faith in 2020. Went through 2021 without God. I’m probably never going back to religion, but I could never shake the feeling that God is there. We are not cool, but I’m willing to try.”


He added: “Don’t invite me to your church abeg. And don’t preach in my mentions.”


A Twitter user, Tosan, shared her own experience, writing: “I lost my faith when I was 12 years old. it’s been more than 11 years now and I still haven’t gone back or even thought about any deity. I really like Jesus tho, his story inspires me and I love everything he stood for, It’s his father I don’t like.”



This has led to a conversation about religion on Twitter, with some trying to encourage Editi and Tosan to return to religion.