A white lady on TikTok has reacted with excitement after a Nigerian follower told her the word “mugu” means good woman.

A video shared on the video-sharing platform shows the woman’s unfiltered reaction to the Nigerian follower.

She believed the follower’s claim and personalized it by calling herself a good woman lol. She further stated that she likes the word “mugu” which originally means “fool”.

Watch the video below,

The video has stirred hilarious reactions online as netizens laugh over the Nigerian’s attempt to deceive the white lady.

@nellyblessing91 wrote, “This person wee not make heaven😂😂”

@ab_finest1 wrote, “Normally u be mugu base on he don use am for u😂”

@maggy_ene51 wrote, “Lol, aunty fell for it😂😂😂😂”

However, some netizens argued that the woman knows the real meaning of mugu and was pretending not to.

@wendy_adamma wrote, “I’m sure she knows the true meaning 😂”

@christyijgold wrote, “She knows joor 😂😂 she’s just acting”