Popular actress, Queeneth Agbor has recounted her experience day she kissed actor with bad breath

Agbor, the sexy actress made this known in a chat with Saturday Beast.

According to her: “An actor with bad breath actually wanted to make the kissing scene real even after we agreed to mime and it went really wrong because I couldn’t bear it. Trust me, mint couldn’t even help the situation. The director had to scrap the scene because I refused to put myself through such trauma.”

Asked how she feels when celebrities and public figures fight on social media, she said: “I find it very stupid and annoying. Because when the going was good, I wasn’t invited. When the enjoyment goes wrong, they would want to scatter our eyes and ears with unnecessary information. Celebrities should not bring drama we won’t benefit from to social media this year.”

Agbor also noted that she is not a fan of making New Year resolutions.

 “I am not into that ‘New Year, new me’ statement. If we were fighting in 2021, it’s going to be double dose in 2022. The only focus for me is to embrace ‘New Year, more money-making ideas and improvements’. I don’t have bad habits, so there is nothing I want to drop in 2022.”