Popular actress, Lala Akindoju has said that she cries whenever she appreciates any work of art song or film.

In a recent tweet, Akindoju said that good films, plays, songs, or albums leave her tearing up.

“When I really appreciate a work of art, a film, a script, a book, a performance, a play, an album, a song, a poem, a musical- I tear up,” she tweeted.

Continuing, she said: “Actually, I cry. Storytelling in these forms is so beautiful.”

Kemi Filani News recalls that back in June 2021, Lala Akindoju lamented about the state of insecurity in Nigeria.

“Do the lives of Nigerians not matter to our leaders? What is more troubling is how our leaders carry on as though all is well. Like they continue attending events and giving speeches like everything is rosy in this country. Things happen; people get killed, people are kidnapped, people are harassed. There’s an uproar and our leaders act as nothing happened.

“The thing actually confuses me. The last time, Mr Macaroni and other peaceful protesters were beaten and harassed like criminals. After we shouted here, did anything happen? Did the Governor of the state address it?”
The screen diva stressed that even though insecurity is on the rise, nobody seems to do anything about it. More so, the leaders are not empathetic.

She continued, “Insecurity is on the rise; nobody is safe, killings are now normal around the country and we all live in fear. Yet, our leaders just look away. Not even an attempt to show empathy for the people that put them there.
“The constitution was supposedly being reviewed and it was done for just two days. Meanwhile, we know how much time and resources go into election campaigns and political rallies”.