Seasoned Nollywood comic actor, Imeh Bishop, better known as Okon Lagos, has beseeched parents to pay special attention to their male children.

Okon said this in respect to the level of ritual killings that have been going on Nigeria recently.
There are several reports of how Fraudsters (Yahoo Boys) not butcher their girlfriends for money making purposes.

Via his Instagram page, Imeh Bishop who is a father of two girls wrote, “Back in the day, money rituals were older men. Very older men. They had this look, aura, and presence that when they appear you will hear comments like ” this one looks like a ritualist. Today, it is different. Small kpingili, kekere, tiny boys everywhere plucking eyes and body parts from young girls just to drive Benz. Sad!! Fix the boy child please.

Imeh Bishop added, “Let’s fix the boy child and do it ASAP. It’s a shorter route to decriminalizing and putting an end to most societal vices in our fast decaying society. Let’s put a central and foundational end to all these k**lings of young girls by these Benz driving Wannabe boys. Happy Sunday.”