Terrifying moment woman is pushed under wheels of subway train, but driver managed to stop just in time (video)

A young man was caught on camera deliberately pushing a woman onto the tracks in Rogier metro station in Brussels, Belgium. 


The Terrifying incident occurred at around 19:45 on Friday evening, January 14.


CCTV footage shows the train stopping moments anything could have happened. She was quickly helped off the tracks by bystanders, according to Brussels public transport company STIB.



Guy Sablon, the spokesperson for STIB, told The Brussels Times: “The driver reacted very well but is very much so in shock, as is the victim.”


The victim and Metro driver were taken to hospital and returned home after receiving care.


The suspect has been arrested.


Brussels police spokesperson Sarah Durant said: “Thanks to the distribution of the images of the suspect within the police services, he was intercepted a few minutes later while he was in the metro station De Brouckère.”