A man has stirred mixed reactions online after he said carnal pleasure is supposed to be with one’s mistress, not wife.

In a post shared via Twitter, the man with handle @ArcadianRythms, slammed men who speak about their sex life with their wives online.

According to him, it is very disrespectful and any man who does that is a ‘degenerate’ and a ‘dog’.

He further stated that men are supposed to love their wives ‘non-romantically’ and sexual pleasure should only be enjoyed with their side chick.

This has gotten many netizens puzzled online as they question if the man is on drugs or mentally disturbed.

He tweeted,

“Any dude who talks about a “great sex life” with his wife is a degenerate and dog

U’re supposed to love (non-romantically), cherish & deeply revere your wife/mother of ur children

If u have a “great sex life” with her?


Carnal pleasure is with mistresses

Not ur wife

ZERO respect for the mother of your children these days.

Modern bullshit as always.”

See below,

Man stirs

Man stirs