American rapper, Machine Gun Kelly has revealed that the $340,000 emerald and diamond engagement ring that he proposed to Megan Fox with has real thorns inside the band.

He disclosed this in an interview with Vogue. According to him, if she tries to remove the ring from her finger, the thorns would hurt her.

He said, “The bands are actually thorns. So if she tries to take it off, it hurts.” explaining why, Machine said, “Love is pain!”

It can be recalled that the celebrity couple announced their engagement last week and disclose that they drank each other’s blood after his proposal. Read here

Machine Gun Kelly says

In the interview with Vogue, Machine said the emerald gem is a ‘thoroughbred Colombian emerald, with no treatment.’

According to him, the 6-carat ring which he designed alongside Stephen Webster is a combination of he and Megan’s birthstone – His birthstone being diamond, while Megan’s is emerald.

Machine Gun Kelly says

He said,

“It was just carved into the teardrop, straight out of the mine, and the diamond was directly from Stephen. The concept is that the ring can come apart to make two rings.

“When it’s together, it’s held in place by a magnet. So you see how it snaps together? And then it forms an obscure heart.

“I designed [the ring] with Stephen Webster to be two: the emerald (her birthstone) and the diamond (my birthstone) set on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love”.