Nigerian life coach, Sola Adio, has replied a man who said no pastor deserves one’s first month salary in the name of first fruit.

The Twitter user with handle @AkwariCharles, had taken to the platform to tell people specifically Christians, to wise up on the topic of ‘first fruit’.

Reacting to the tweet, Sola Adio slammed the man for dictating how Christians should spend their money when they didn’t beg or borrow from him.

According to him, Christians don’t attack ‘unbelievers’ who squander their money recklessly, so they should also leave Christians alone to spend their money how they deem fit.

He wrote,

“Actually it’s my business what I do with my money so long I didn’t come to your house to beg for it. Leave people to spend their money the way they want. I won’t stop you if you want to blow yours on Allen Avenue babes. Freedom of choice, yea or nay?

“You unbelievers pay 1m Naira to musicians who will arrive 7 hours late and we didn’t stop you. You now want to tell us how to spend our own money that we didn’t beg or borrow from your family. Y’all must be bingeing on expired painkillers.

“I have never been worried about how you spend your money. You can pour it into the toilet if you want. Who cares? But if how we Christians spend ours gives you high blood pressure that you must tweet about it then our financial strength as a church must really be a threat to you.”

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