A lady identified as Mrs. Olivia Harriet, who recently gave birth to Twins, has been praised on social media after she shared a throwback clip of the size of her baby-bump.

In the beautiful compilation clip, the lady was seen with a large stomach and in another goofy part, she cheerfully ate a burger.

The clip ended with photos of her babies and they looked so healthy and adorable.

See video below ;

See reactions below ;

Cyn_tho wrote : See their cheeks like the burger their mum was eating….now I understand why they say “its your baby that wants to eat it” 😂😂

Queen Cassy wrote : D cutest thing today. God I want twin ooo

bukolavolume wrote : God this is what I want 🙏🏾 A boy and a girl then factory closed

wendypeterschere wrote : We don’t talk about it enough, but every bit of pregnancy is not easy, from carrying it to labor to nursing a child…Please, accord women some level of respect