Popular skit maker, actress and content creator, Kiekie has averred that being unique is a struggle for most skit makers. The fashionable entertainer made this known in a chat with Kemi Filani News.’

“Being unique is a struggle for most skit makers. But I always take advantage of alter egos and it’s easy for me to switch from one personality to the other, from crazy to being cool and wild. That made it easy for me to develop a Kikie signature that when you see it you just know it’s me. In the comedy skit space, everybody has their own skill, people know Macaroni for something, Taaooma for something and MC Lively for something. All you have to do is simply carve a niche for yourself and you’ll do just fine”.

Speaking further, Kiekie born Bukunmi Adeaga said her parents are her biggest fans.

“First off, my parents are my number one fans. My mom manually records and keeps track of my followers every week. She will even know when the growth is slow or when it’s faster.

My siblings, my parents are the best. As a matter of fact, when I was going to start full content creation in 2013, my parents bought me a full production equipment, I’m talking lights, sounds, cameras and even rented a studio for me in Magodo to kick off. Please give my parents their flowers, they are the best”.