“I am not attracted to men at all”- Temmie Ovwasa – Kemi Filani News

Temmie ovwasa

Ex-YBNL artiste, Temmie Ovwasa has averred that has never been attracted to men.

The opinionated singer made this known as a guest on Jahbless Original Intelligence podcast.

According to her: “I am not attracted to men at all no matter how beautiful the man is.I have never been attracted to a man.From my own reality, I just always liked girls”.

The songstress who was formerly signed to the Olamide led YBNL said it was a label that lacked structure, adding that Olamide wasted her time.

“It comes from the person in charge being lackadaisical.It didn’t come from a place of ill intent which is why I don’t hold it as a judge of his character. But he did waste my time. I feel like it should be normal to talk about how you did not like being treated a certain way regardless of how much money was involved. My life is more important than money. I have lost millions because of the things I believe in.I will rather lose millions than lose myself”.

Asked about the tattoos, she has Ovwasa said: “I actually just always like tattoos. I just needed to be financially independent enough to at least try and get. When I got  the first few, I loved it and I just kept getting more. It’s as simple as that, it’s just as simple as I like it and I got it.I have lost count and I am still getting more”.

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