Popular rapper, Reminisce has averred that after he starred in highly acclaimed movie, ‘King of Boys’ playing the role of Makanaki, his nephew referred to him as Makanaki in real life.

Speaking in a chat with The Nation, he said: “I remember my nephew once told me that he told people that this is uncle Remi without the gun. I mean he looked at me one time and said Uncle Remi, this is you now without the guns. I am not very close to industry people but people that know me would tell you that this is just me on TV without the guns. I am that kind of guy, I am a standoff guy, so Makanaki is very similar to me without the guns and the violence. All the members of my family agreed that Makanaki had my character, they are like this is me on TV and people are just seeing me on TV. So, I would probably buy Makanaki a drink if we ever met and I would probably be his mentor”.

Asked how he would react If he gets stereotyped in Nollywood, the self-proclaimed ‘Alaga Ibile’ said “I know it’s going to happen but well, I will collect the money and do the stereotype till I feel it’s time to change but naturally, I will ease myself out of it, I am that kind of person. You know there was a time when things weren’t like this and we are in the new market for music and movies so you literally have to maximize it. For example, a sound is popping and you say you don’t want to do it, you have to do it and maximize the profit until another sound starts popping or before something new starts popping, you can quickly put out something as a veteran but you have to maximize the current sound or what’s happening in the market. Of course, I will max out this current status of mine till I ease myself out of it and see me probably doing something different like being a banker or a doctor in a movie. Actually, my mum wanted me to be a doctor, I think I would have made a good doctor”.