Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus has bragged about her weight loss as she expresses excitement about being the rave of the moment.

In a shared on her Instagram page, Eniola Badmus said the attention she is currently receiving is overwhelming like she is a newborn baby.

Eniola Badmus said her weight loss is a new life and journey, urging her fans and followers to partake of the new journey.

She wrote: The attention I get now is quite overwhelming feels like I’m a newborn baby it’s a new life for me and a new journey. So walk with me on this and be a partaker don’t dull. Be a partaker of this new life……. Don’t dull yaself

Eniola Badmus recently reacted to the viral claims that she and colleague, Funke Akindele are fighting after the latter failed to show at her 20 years on stage anniversary event.

Posting a photo of Funke Akindele on Instagram moments ago, Eniola Badmus wrote “Guys, I’m sick and tired of y’all insinuating @funkejenifaakindele and I are fighting for no singular reason……In case y’all don’t know this woman right here is my ride till the end, I love her from the bottom of my heart and what we share is beyond friendship…..

we talk every day, we see almost every other day, the fact that we don’t post our moments lately doesn’t mean we are fighting!!! We are only saving it for a bigger picture and we need to keep y’all in suspense…..

Lafunky is my blood and flesh……y’all should please stop insinuating! We are good and forever good….. Maybe not necessary but Just need to put this out here for clarity! That’s my home girl here!

Actress Eniola Badmus warns as she continues to 'press necks' with photos of her new body
Eniola Badmus