Pastor Timilehin Adigun has reacted to Juliana Oloyede’s latest claim that he sexually abused her sister, which is why she couldn’t forgive him and had to leave his church.


Timilehin Adigun had been accused of holding onto Juliana’s social media accounts passwords and refusing to give them back to her. (read here).


He responded, stating that he created the accounts for her when he was managing her for free as her spiritual father. He added that he gave her all her passwords when he created the accounts.


He further stated that she left his church in 2020 after saying that she could not forgive him for something he did, which he already apologized for (read here).


Responding, actress Juliana, aka Toyo Baby, alleged that Timi Adigun sexually molested her younger sister which is why she couldn’t forgive him. She said he apologized to her family but the apology just wouldn’t do (read here).


Timi has now reacted. He denied the sexual assault allegation and said he’s ready to go to court to defend himself.


He added that he hopes Juliana will find peace.


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