The US-based woman who married Nigerian gospel singer, Sammie Okposo, allegedly impregnated, has insisted that she will keep the baby.

The lady identified as “African Doll” stated this in an interview with Obodo Oyinbo TV while speaking on her plans for the pregnancy, which she claimed the singer asked her to abort.

According to her, she would be keeping the baby because she doesn’t believe in abortions.

“I will keep the baby, I don’t really believe in abortion. Fornication is a sin. The bible says he who is without sin should cast the first stone. It is not my intention to hurt anybody but to bring life to the situation.” She said.

”We both know that we didn’t use protection. We both know that we were wrong. There is still a way to handle things. He didn’t handle it right. I am not saying he has to bow to me but there is a way you do things. Turning your back on me is wrong. Any woman on earth won’t feel okay about it. It doesn’t feel good to be abandoned or to be thrown to the side. I cannot be walking around thinking about it, life goes on”, She added.