Ghanaian actress, producer and socialite, Kisa Gbekle has revealed why she underwent a GHS60K (N3.8m) plastic surgery.

Kisa went under the knife recently to enhance her body, and she now walks around with a flat tummy and curvaceous backside.

Explaining why she decided to undergo the procedure in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the actress said it was because her tummy grew so big that she could no longer see her private part.

According to her, this was very embarrassing and frustrating for her because she is known to have a ‘banging body’, so she resorted to do the surgical procedure.

Gbekle said;

“Everyone knows Kisa has a ‘banging body,’ but I couldn’t keep up during the COVID era. My tummy grew too big, which was frustrating. Everyone knows I love to work out, but I wasn’t feeling it this time. My tummy grew to the point where I couldn’t see my privates. I had to lift my tummy, which was embarrassing, so I decided on surgery.”