Nigerian music producer, K-Solo, has rebuked those criticizing gospel singer, Sammie Okposo, after he confessed to cheating on his wife.

Following the revelation, the singer became a topic of discussion on different social media platforms, with many berating his actions.

Reacting to this, K-Solo averred that people rebuking the singer are assuming the role of deputy Jesus. According to him, these critics, who he described as “fake Christians”, are usually silent when their pastors are accused of similar offences.

He noted that these fake Christians berating the music minister, cover up their erring pastors and still converge under their “fornication anointing”.

“All this fake Christian’s very soon you will mix sniper and ask him to drink. Deputy Jesus everywhereCrying face becos he came out?? What about you Bishops, Apostles that have slept with our wives and spouses, then come out to deny?

“You werey still converge under the fornication anointing. You fight dirty to keep your fornicating pastors. Fuvk all of Y’all Thank God Mercy is not a Pastor so we are Fine. You don’t need to agree with me but We are all Thieves na Who Dem Catch be Brawo.

Now this one wants healing for his home regardless of his stupidity. More Single Women Building an Empire to Accommodate More broken homes. Sad as UNA WAN KILL AM ABI? SAMMY OKPOSO, CIRCULAR MUSICIANS ARE WAITING FOR YOU IF THE GOSPEL CIRCLE DONT WANT YOU AGAIN.” He tweeted.