Veteran Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has got more than he bargained for after urging movie lovers to disregard the sex for role claims in Nollywood.

Sex for roles in the Nollywood industry is not new, as many female actors have consistently lamented how they are denied roles after refusing the advances of movie directors or producers.

However, Kanayo O. Kanayo, in a recent post on his Instagram page, said people should not believe all they hear about sex for roles in Nollywood.

According to Kanayo O. Kanayo, many girls in Nollywood are not working hard to live up to the role they are cast for, and it is quite a shame.

In his words: When you hear of sex for roles in Nollywood, please do not believe all you are told. Many of the girls are not working hard to live up to the roles they are cast for. Quite a shame

Kanayo O. Kanayo’s post generated an outburst online as many netizens dragged him, stating that sex for roles exit with lots of evidence.

_bishopgram wrote: Old man talking dust… this Is disgusting

denviktravels wrote: If they are not working hard to live up up the roles, remove them and replace. Rather than keeping them there for sex. Shikena

ewatomilola wrote: Even though? The main point is, it exists and it’s sad..

itsgracey_xo wrote: Why should we disregard with all the evidences

Kemi Filani News recalls Yul Edochie tendered a public apology to Kanayo O Kanayo after sparking a brawl in a recent event.

Yul Edochie had called out KOK for cutting off his face from an upcoming video Flavour featured them in as he expressed his utmost disappointment to the man he has always loved and respected.

Yul had claimed his video was quite different from what they sent to them as he noticed his face was cut off among others.

Upon realising his mistakes, KOK uploaded a newer version, this time showing Yul’s face to ease the tension between them.

In a post shared on Yul’s Instagram page, he sincerely apologised to his senior colleague for the public outburst a few days ago even though he had privately apologised to him.

According to Yul, he is a human bound to make mistakes as he acknowledged that what he did was totally wrong and vowed such would never happen again.