Actress Juliana Olayode has revealed that her former spiritual Father, Timilehin Adigun put her through extreme trauma after he sexually abused her sister.

In the video she posted, Julianna clarified that she got to find out that Pastor Timilehin had allegedly invited her sister over from school, lodged her in a hotel, and was touching her inappropriately.

In her words ;

You touched my sister, Timilehin Adigun, I was so upset.

I am so upset because you promised not to touch her. When I saw signs and told you about it, you said i was overthinking things because i knew your weakness.

I told you, that you must not touch this girl, What did you do ?

You told her to come all the way from school outside Lagos, lodged her in a hotel for three days, watched her take her bath, touched her, sending her your nudes and you even begged her to have anal sex with her.

In 2020, Timi Adigun was accused by members of his ministry of sexually molesting girls in his car. He released a statement, admitting and apologising.

He has remained a Pastor and has continued running the church.

See video below ;