President Muhammadu Buhari has admitted he is overwhelmed by the insecurity in the North-West of Nigeria.

He stated this while speaking at the palace of Sa’ad Abubakar, Sultan of Sokoto, on Thursday.

Buhari said while the situation in the north-east and south-south has improved compared to when he assumed office, the challenges in the north-west are a different matter.

The president, however, said he has charged the military and other security agencies not to spare any criminal posing a threat to the peace and safety of Nigerians.

“Every day, we are worried about what is happening in the north-west. When we came, if Nigerians are to be fair to us, they know the condition in the north-east and the south-south, but what is happening now in the north-west is what has honestly overwhelmed me,” Buhari said.

“The same people, the same culture, killing each other, stealing each other’s property. We are going to do our best and the military and law enforcement agencies have been given a clear order that they shouldn’t spare any bandit or terrorist.

“We are going to hand over a secure country better than we inherited it.”