Maureen Esisi, estranged wife of actor Blossom Chukwujekwu, has slammed judgemental people who always have an opinion about other people’s life.

She shared her sentiment about such people in a cryptic post she shared on her Instastory on Wednesday, January 26.

According to the brand influencer, judgemental people aren’t good either yet they spend time judging people and pointing out their flaws like they are God.

She further asserted that no one will make heaven if Jesus Christ returns today.

She wrote,

“Everyone always has an opinion (judgemental) about other people and their way of lives forgetting that if God came down today, NO ONE WILL MAKE HEAVEN!

“Talking about if you see something bad, you should say it! Pls STFH!! Even you haven’t been Good in the last 24hrs and I don’t see you removing that log from your own eyes.

“Who made you God? Foolishness at its Peak.”

See her post below,

Maureen Esisi writes