Outspoken media personality and actress, Toke Makinwa is one damsel who is often misunderstood by people on social media.

Makinwa who has been bashed on several occasions noted that she has stopped explaining herself to people.

Speaking in a chat with GQ South Africa on her role in a new movie, ‘Singing Sin’, the fashionable damsel said: “A movement has started for women, but we are not where we should be. You find that people measure a woman’s strength by the amount of bullshit she’s willing to deal with.

A line needs to be separated here: each gender is unique to its own self. Women are not trying to be men. Women aren’t trying to be compared to men. Women are delicate, yet strong. I stopped explaining myself a long time ago because I do not think that is the first thing you see when you see me. I am not fitting into the ideal of a man’s narrative. Men are men”.

Speaking further, the ‘Sugar Rush’ actress said: “I do not want to be a man. We are all human beings. I crave the opportunities that should be available to all human beings. I think that women need to stop trying to prove a point because there is no point to prove. We are women. We are unique. We are who we are.

Women are forging their own futures by creating careers and building businesses. Nobody is out there wanting to compete or be compared to a man. I see a man, I acknowledge their strength and their journey.

I would never be able to fully speak on what it means to be a man because I am not a man and I do not want to be one. I want to be beautifully carved, flawed and eccentric as a woman. I want to find my own path.

I don’t need to impose myself as bossy because I have worked hard enough to stand in any room, as any other human being, and that’s what I choose to focus on”