A 23-year-old Nigerian lady has taken to social media to show off her older white lover.

Sharing the video on the popular video sharing platform, TikTok, the young lady revealed her husband would be turning 60 this year while she would be turning 24.

In the video, the pair explored a couple of beautiful settings and went on a romantic date. 

The difference in their ages, however, generated mixed reactions from netizens. While some social media users gushed over the couple and noted that age is just a number, others had contrary opinions.

Read some of the comments as you scroll.

@morgan_of_lasgidi, “Get a man who is over 40years older than you and make him fall in love with you. Wait for him to die naturally or file for a divorce and have his wealth to urself. Smart woman😂”.

@billiscobar, “Swear say you marry am because of love, swear now now ? Use ogun and amadioha swear say you no go cheat…. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄”.

@realmrlyriq, “It’s so cool when it’s a young lady marrying a wrinkled old man old enough to be her foreign grand father but when the reverse is the case person na scam”.

@charles_nprime, “This is not true love abeg 😂😂😂 na money sponsor d love 24&60 u don go marry ur papa na”.

Watch video below,