Child Predator explains what kind of Children he targets to molest and why (Video)

A disturbing yet informative video has gone viral on TikTok.

The video which already has over 3 million views shows a confessed child predator – who worked as an official during children’s basketball games, talk about which kids he target targeted for molestation and why.

In the cringy video, the predator explained why he chose to “groom” some boys and rejected others.

According to the predator, he chooses to groom boys that are having difficulty at home, and who don’t have strong fathers. 

He explains, “I would check out their family situation [to see] how they were financially.” In essence, he went after poor children.


He continued, “I would give them special attention, congratulate them . . . it made them feel like, wow, he’s paying me attention. It was a direct form of grooming.”

 “If I thought the father was a threat, I would not approach the child. If I thought the child had friends whom he would tell [about the molestation] I would not approach him.”

Though discomforting to hear, the video may have inadvertently given parents additional knowledge that they can use to protect their children from predators.


Watch the video below