Deborah Mays bio: age, net worth – Joe Namath ex-wife updates

There are a number of people who have made it to the limelight because of the people they have had an affair with.

One of such people is Deborah Mays, who is the former wife of Joe Namath, a former American Football League player author.

Deborah Mays made it to the limelight when she married Namath; however, before their marriage, she was a celebrity in her right as she is an actress and featured in the popular series The Greatest American Hero, between 1981 and 1983.

Over the years, Deborah Mays has been able to build a career for herself, thus becoming of public interest.

This article is focused on what you should know about Deborah May; continue reading to know more.

Profile Summary

Full name Deborah Lynn Mays
Gender Female
Date of birth September 1 1964
Age 57 years old
Nationality American
Popular as Joe Namath’s wife
Profession Actress

Deborah Mays’ biography

Her full name is Deborah Lynn May and she was born on the 1st of September 1964 but there are no details of who her parents are or what they do.

There are also no details about whether Deborah May has any siblings but she was raised in Remington, Indiana; he is, however, an American by birth and celebrated her 57th birthday in September 2021.

Deborah Mays’ Education

There are no details concerning Deborah Mays’ educational status online.

Deborah Mays’ career

Deborah Mays made it to the spotlight after her role as Tammy in the popular sci-fi comedy-drama series The Greatest American Hero which was aired from 1981 to 1983.

The record revealed that Deborah Mays was loved acting so much that she continued in the profession even after her marriage to Namath.

Deborah Mays was a part of the crew of Chekhov play in Manhattan in the ’90s, with the reports revealed that Namath made payment to rent a theatre to show the play for four days.

Aside from her role in Greatest American Hero, Deborah Mays is also credited for her work in the documentary Namath released in 2012.

Deborah Mays’ marriage to Joe Namath

Deborah Mays and Joe Namath exchanged marital vows in 1984 in Florida, U.S.A.

Joe Namath and Deborah had their first daughter, Jessica Grace Namath, in 1986 and their second daughter, Olivia Rose Namath, in 1991.

Joe and Deborah became grandparents when their first daughter Olivia welcomed a little girl named Natalia at age 16 in 2007.

Aside Natalia, Joe and Deborah have other grandkids named John and Jenna, also born by their daughter Jessica.

Throughout their marriage, Namath battled with liquor abuse, and this caused an issue in their marriage that at a certain point, Mays took steps to leave the marriage if he refused to quit drinking.

Joe wanted the marriage, and went on to stop drinking; they were together for sixteen years before they went their separate ways in 2000, but there are no details about why they divorced.

However, rumours claimed that Deborah Mays was having a relationship with Brian Novack, and was the reason Joe Namath left her.

Deborah May’s net worth

Deborah May is reportedly worth $18 million and currently lives a lifestyle away from the media.