A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to share her weird experience after her car broke down on 3rd Mainland Bridge, Lagos.

According to @sokaagu on Twitter, she and her friend who was in the car with her, was accosted by some thugs on the bridge who collected their money, disconnected her battery and used a POS machine to collect more money from her – all this while threatening to assault her.

She said after they finished robbing them, the guys told her they are not thieves and she was supposed to “settle them”.

She said the same guys went on to return her phone and helped her fix her car before making away with their money.

Read her full post below,

“So I got robbed today on third mainland bridge .. I can officially say I’m a Lagosian.

My car went off at the foot of the bridge and next things about 6 guys rushed my car, ransacked my friend and I, took the money in her bag, disconnected my car’s battery…

Threatened to beat us up, Then forced me to use a pos machine to withdraw money and give them.

All this happened on the road with cars speeding by.. the way I kept praying someone would stop to help.. but I don’t even blame anyone, this Lagos isn’t for the weak or sane.

when they were done robbing us, my phone was returned and they told me “we no de thief, You just suppose settle us” then kindly helped me fix my car..

You wouldn’t believe they were the same set of people..”

See her below,