Talent manager, Ubi Franklin, has taken to social media to address those who criticize him for having kids with different women.

In a Twitter rant on his birthday, February 2, Ubi Franklin stated that the level of hypocrisy from Nigerians on Rihanna’s pregnancy was significant.

According to him, while Nigerians praised the international popstar for being pregnant and expecting her first child despite not being married, if it was the case of an African lady, a lot of negative things would have been said.

He noted that over the years, he has been taunted and heavily criticized for having kids with different women, but the most important thing is his ability to care for his kids.

“On your birthday, you get to reminisce about a lot of happenings in life especially in the past year; the good, bad and ugly. It is a moment of deep reflection, as you get to appreciate your growth, blessings and the positive things everyone has to say about you.

A few days ago, Rihanna’s pregnancy became news and the level of hypocrisy was significant as an African people. If it was a case of an African lady a lot of things negative would have been said

I believe that over the years, I have been tainted and critics for having kids with different women but the most important thing is my ability to take care and provide for my children

I will like to put out this not of warning as anyone who thinks otherwise of my fatherly responsibilities is mentally unstable with full affirmation. Life is like a carousel, people have impressions of you regardless.” He wrote in part.

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