Kris Bkkljac bio: age, net worth, wife – Stana Katic

Like many men in the limelight today, Kris Bkkljac made it to the spotlight because of who his wife is.

For many who may not know who Kris Bkkljac is, he is an Australian American businessman who is married to Stana Katic, a Canadian-American actress.

Stana Katic is popular for her role in crime mystery and comedy-drama television series Castle as Kate Beckett as well as in the thriller series Absentia as Agent Emily Byrne.

The record revealed that Stana Katic is so good she has won several awards like the People’s Choice Awards as a Favorite TV Crime Drama Actress in 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011.

This article is focused on what you should know about Kris Bkkljac; continue reading to see more.

Profile Summary

Full name Kris Bkkljac
Gender Male
Date of birth October 7, 1961
Age 60 years old
Place of birth Sydney, Australia
Nationality Australian American
Current residence United States
Marital status Married
Wife Stana Katic
Profession Businessman
Net worth $12 million

Kris Bkkijac’s biography

Kris Bkkijac was born on the 7th of October 1961 in Sydney, Australia, but there are no details of who his parentts are, but they are Australians.

There is no record of whether he has any siblings, but he holds American and Australian citizenship and celebrated his 60th birthday in October 2021.

Kris Bkkijac’s education

Kris Bkkijac holds a degree in Interactive Media Law and is a big lover of Martial Arts, Health Wellness, Anthropology, Culinary Magic, Hiking and International affairs.

Kris Bkkijac’s career

Kris Bkkijac comes from a humble background but has gone on to make a name for himself as well as build a brand.

The record revealed that Kris Bkkijac rose from the slums to sell his company over five years ago, today he is considered a architect and is an independent consultant, who have worked as a top executive strategist for Fortune 500 companies.

Kris Bkkijac would later join forces with Robert Ellerman and Jim Rivette to become the Nikola Tesla of the credit repair field.

Kris Bkkijac’s personal life

Kris Bkkijac is married to Stana Katic; the record revealed that the two met through Kris’ business friend, who happens to be Stanna’s younger brother Marko Katic.

After they met, they two began dating but split in 2000; they would meet again and finally exchanged marital vows in 2015.

As of now Kris and Stana don’t have a child of their own but they are deeply in love with each other.

Kris Bkkijac’s net worth

Kris Bkkijac is reportedly worth $12 million, while his wife Stana Katic is reportedly worth $15 million.