A viral photo of an apartment in London with a kitchen inside its wardrobe has stirred hilarious reactions from Nigerians on social media.

A Twitter user identified as Adam Pugh had taken to Twitter to lament about the high cost of living in London. Sharing a photo of the room in a house-share, he revealed the rent was the same as a 2 bedroom house outside London.

Sharing the photos he wrote,

“I’ve just seen a room in a houseshare with a kitchen in a wardrobe for the same price as a 2 bedroom house outside of London. London is a scam.”

In response to his tweet, Nigerians flocked to the comment section to joke about how Lagos landlords will not mind imitating the style in order to make more money for themselves.

A Twitter user @zinnysugar wrote, “Lagos landlords will copy this thing now😩”.

@fedoras_closet, “See update date for lagos landlord 😂😂😂 watch and see lagos landlord start doing this…”

@plegendmedia, “😂😂😂 how’s this even possible? House no go burn like this?”

@omonigho655, “Do proper investigation, the owner of that property na Lagosian😂😂😂”.

@divachyla, “You cannot cook palm oil stew inside there”.

See more photos of the room,