Nigerian music executive cum blogger Ubi Franklin has reacted to the marriage crisis between his baby mama Sandra Iheuwa and her husband, Steve Thompson.

Sandra Iheuwa and Steve Thompson have been in the news over infidelity in their marriage and children’s custody for some time now.

In a post on Instagram, Ubi Franklin said Sandra Iheuwa is paying for her handwork and all the pains she had caused him for three years.

Ubi Franklin recalled how Sandra Iheuwa dragged him on social media, lied about him to get followers on her business page, traction for business and get people to hate him.

According to Ubi Franklin, Sandra Iheuwa also paid bloggers to paint him a wrong person, but he remained quiet because he knew a day would come when she would pay for all her evil deeds.

Ubi Franklin added that he’s still hopeful of reuniting with his daughter to give her all the love a father can give to his daughter.

In his words: Someone is paying for their own handwork and now you blame me? for doing what exactly? For 3 years this lady has been dragging me on social media, lying about me to get followers, traction for her business and get people to hate me.

Said everything to make the world believe her lies, you think that’s right? Because I see and keep quiet? No, I knew the time will come when she will pay for the evil deeds. All the bloggers she paid to paint me a bad person have also started receiving their own embarrassment.

You cannot build on other people’s pain. What have I done to her? See no attitude can be hidden. It is her time to pay for all the pain she has caused me, though I never knew she be served this early, I knew the time will come when the world will also see her for who she is and represent.

For my child, one day I will reunite with her and give her all the love a father can give his daughter. I really do not want to join issues with anyone, I believe time tell better stories than humans.

I am focused on building my life, business and taking care of the responsibilities available before me. I am not perfect but I am not near what this lady has painted me. To know me is to love me. Remain blessed.

Kemi Filani News recalls an Instagram blogger identified as trapselena called on Ubi Franklin to carry his child, who is allegedly living like an orphan in a stranger’s house when both parents live in Lagos.

According to the blogger, Sandra Iheuwa took her daughter to stay with her friend after her new husband Steve Thompson allegedly refused to allow the little girl to stay in their home.

Reacting, Sandra Iheuwa refitted the claims stating that bad the rate at which false news spread in Nigerian is very alarming.