A voice recording currently making the rounds online has captured a lady talking down on men who drive old models of Mercedes Benz.

The lady in the now viral audio recording said although she knows a 2012 Mercedes costs a fortune, she would never take a man who drives a 2012 Mercedes seriously if he woos her.

According to her, a seven million naira Benz is not a car to be proud of.

She added that if her friend wants to buy a Benz, even if he doesn’t buy a 2022 model, he should endeavor to buy from 2016 upwards, not a 2012 Benz.

The lady, who appears to have no car of her own, noted that she would never buy an old model Benz if she choses to get a car.

Listen to the audio below,

See some reactions as you scroll,

@____valentino, “Her dad might not have anything o! E fit be say na Leg the man Dey use 😂😂”.

@ayokanmii__, “There are two sides to this ladies brain. On the left there is nothing right and on the right there is nothing left. Asinwin”.

@barrisangel1, “Coming from someone that may not even have a dime in her account. Shame! Most of you girls are the reason why men are pressured into doing evil. May God give us wisdom😒😒”.

@unified_wale, “Do you know the cars I have entered not the one you owned? Ashigbe Omo ni ward”.

@_0blkzz, “Nah why dem Dey use una do ritual 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️. Una go Dey pressure boys wey suppose still Dey collect weekly allowance from their parents 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️”.